It all started with a rebellious move by a certain young man from Hämeenlinna in Southern Finland. A daring move that disrupted the social norms of the society. After acquiring a degree in automation engineering, two failed jobs and a long frustrating period of job search, Michael Ekeghasi, also known as ME, finally summoned up some courage and decided to turn to his passion and first love - Music. Against the expectations and pressure from the society on him to find a "real" job, Michael chose to do what he loves and he loved It, in spite of the challenges he faced. 

During the course of his new found career as a musical artist, Michael had the opportunity to meet with a lot of musically talented people from around the world who shared similar life experiences with him. These people were frustrated with the societal expectations and pressure on them to go to school so that they can get a "professional" career job, but are too afraid to break out of these social norm by following their passion and dreams, for fear of being alienated from the society or not being able to support themselves financially.

Inspired by these stories and the drive to make a difference, Michael together with a team of music lovers and enthusiast set out to established Originax Oy® with the primary objectives of laying and implementing a series of formidable business models related to the music industry that will serve as an inspiration and encouragement to as many who are skeptical about following their passion and staying true and original to themselves

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